ZOL Pro High Pressure  Bicycle Bike Floor Pump Up to 160PSI/11BAR with Gauge and Smart Head

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Zol made this pump with professional grade pump for High pressure and QUICK pumping, high volume of air for MTB tires and high pressure for Road tires.

  • SMART HEAD Fits Presta/FV & Schrader Bicycle tires automatically
  • 160 PSI HIGH PRESSURE: Our STEEL strong barrel, BIG 9" BASE and ANATOMIC Handle helps easily reach 160 PSI
  • BIG GAUGE: Pressure dial indicator helps preset your desired PSI and easily reading the pressure
  • BONUS: Sports Balls and Inflatable device needles WITH STORAGE COMPARTMENT
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY: Zol's bicycle tire pump comes with a no questions asked warranty, we are serious about our PUMP'S quality and testing