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Zol Saddle Cover

Zol Saddle Cover

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  • Bike seat cover.
  • Nonslip and improves comfort while biking.
  • Ergonomic design with high-density memory foam.
  • Fits all type of bikes, bicycles, peloton,
  • Size Small 170mm W 290mm L, Weight 170g. Medium 220mm W 295mm L, Weight 226g. Large 245mm W 265mm L, Weight 283g
  • All Zol products include a one-year warranty. No questions asked, directly with manufacturer, just pay shipping and processing fees.

The Zol City bike seat is designed to make your ride or exercise more comfortable thanks to our Memory Foam Technology. This bike seat cover is ideal for indoor cycling and fitness classes. Men and women can use this wide ergonomic design with memory foam technology and a damping system for better comfort during rides. This seat is suitable for all bike types and is ideal for recreational and indoor cycling.

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