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Morelife Unlimited Mens Cycling Bib Shorts

Morelife Unlimited Mens Cycling Bib Shorts

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  • Shorts designed for those who like to ride light.
  • Made of a fabric with great elongation, sweat absorption and quick drying. Designed without cuts that, together with the laser cut finish with non-slip on the leg, feels like a second skin, providing a sensation of maximum comfort.
  • It has one-piece straps and back made of highly elongated micro-perforated fabric to maintain the ultra-light characteristics of these shorts.
  • Italian pad in high-density foam for excellent protection, with open cells for quick recovery and better breathability. Suitable for riding comfortably for approximately 4 to 6 hours. Recommended for demanding training or intense competitions.

Bib Short fabric that guarantees compression to improve muscle performance and breathability. Lycra fabric straps with plush ribbon. Finished on the leg with silicone elastic. With straight lateral blocks, flat design for easy adaptation, dynamic and anatomical improvement, with perfect gluteal strength for demanding rides.

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