5 TIPS when buying your first Bike Shoes and Pedals

We receive a lot of inquiries from newcomers to cycling. Most commonly, about Bike Shoes and pedals information. 

Here is a quick guide for buying your first bike shoes and bike pedals

Tip #1 -  Bike shoes are always paired with pedals, typically new bikes don't include clipless pedals.

The most important contact point of a cyclist and a bike, is the shoes and pedals, this is where the power transfer begins. In the late 80's, the evolution of bike pedals and shoes changed from Toe Clip pedals to clipless pedals. This evolution made biking more safe, efficient and comfortable.  Today, you have to pair your clipless pedals with clipless bike shoes. 

Tip #2 -  Know what type of activities you will be doing and match it with your type of pedals and shoes, please look at our table.

Commuting and transportation +2 hours of Road Cycling
MTB Mountain Biking Trails Road Racing
Fitness Biking up to 2 hours Fitness Biking above 2 hours
Bike Tourism Gran Fondos
Indoor Cycling or Spin Class Peloton Indoor Bikes (LOOD DELTA)


Tip #3 -  When selecting your size for Bike shoes, choose it as you would choose the size of running shoes.

Running shoes and bike shoes have one basic similarity; they must have a snug fit with some space between the front of the shoe and the toes. This so when your toes can have some space when the sliding movement of the foot happens while riding on hills, pushing hard on the pedals and sprinting out of the saddle.  This space will help avoid cramps and uncomfortable riding. Only buy shoes online from sellers that provide sizing charts and free exchanges.

Tip #4 - Avoid Carbon sole bike shoes for your first bike shoes.

While Carbon sole bike shoes are lighter than their counterparts, they certainly are stiffer.  The stiffness of carbon sole bike shoes, will take many miles of getting used to.  The rigid platform is made for advanced cyclists that dominate smooth pedaling and have developed muscles int he foot, which will take in many cases thousands of miles of practice.  For beginners, we recommend fiberglass and nylon material on the out sole. This material, while stiff, still allows a bit of flexing, enough to have your Plantar Fascia and your Intrinsic Muscle feel some stretching while pedaling, not to mention saving you a couple of hundred $$$.


Tip #5 - Buy a Bike Shoes and Bike Pedals Bundle.

This tip is our best yet, many companies like Zol are offering bundles that include your bike shoes and bike pedals as one product, this is a great choice for beginners. You are assured that your choice will be the perfect match in one click. This way you get the matching pedal and shoes for your need, while avoiding the returns process that no one likes. At the same time, you will receive your full package ready to assemble and not wait for one item at a time.

BTW in the process you might even save a couple of bucks!

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